“Vanishing Points” for MAX/Jitter

“Vanishing Points” is my latest real-time interactive MAX/Jitter patch. It was inspired by the event horizon associated with black holes in deep space.

This piece is improvised using a MAX patch and Jitter video processing software. Mouse movements control the sine wave glissandi, while the synth sounds are created using a MIDI controller and computer keyboard rewired into Ableton.

The audio texture is created with delay pipes that are controlled via the pitch wheel and computer keyboard. The direction, velocity and tilt of the video pixels is controlled by the velocity and MIDI note information from the MIDI controller and computer keyboard.

Here’s what the presentation mode looks like:

Here’s what the patch itself looks like:

Blues Falls Hard

“Blues Falls Hard” is dedicated to everyone struggling with work, family, financial, medical, racial justice and mental health issues during this pandemic. This song was inspired by conversations with friends and family about what they’ve been going through in these tough times. It will soon be streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and other major streaming services.

This song was written, recorded and mixed by Dr. David Mitchell (aka The Professor). : )

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Wedges for Classical Guitar by Dr. Mitchell

I became interested in twelve-tone hexachordal combinatoriality after studying the works of Arnold Schoenberg. Wedges is my latest composition utilizing this approach. I’ve found it to be the most efficient way to cycle through the row and generate a consistent and convincing accompaniment part. It works particularly well in counterpoint.

I decided to share the score and recording on my blog because I thought perhaps music theorists would find it interesting to analyze. Besides hexachordal combinatoriality, there are a number of compositional tools packed into this piece. So, feel free to download and print the score. Here are some things to look for:

  1. Hexachordal Combinatoriality
  2. Wedges – You’ll find musical gestures converging on a single note from opposite directs in counterpoint.
  3. Motivic Parallelism
  4. Augmentation and Diminution
  5. Octave Displacement
  6. Rhythmic Motives in Retrograde
  7. Polymelodies
  8. And More… ; )

Have fun analyzing!

The Matrix

The Wedge

The Score

Wedges – Score

The Recording



“Champagne” by David Mitchell

“Champagne” is a rock/funk tune, which some have described as David Bowie meets The Commodores. This song was written, recording and mixed by Dr. David Mitchell, aka The Professor.

The song begins and ends with the sound of a champagne bottle being opened. It utilizes musique concrete techniques pioneered by Pierre Schaeffer and spatialization techniques inspired by Edgard Varese.

Click on your preferred streaming service below and check it out:

“Champagne” Streaming on Spotify
“Champagne” Streaming on Apple Music
“Champagne” Streaming on Pandora

My Little Hound Dog

This is a video and song written for Callie, “My Little Hound Dog”. : ) She’s a rescue dog with a great big heart and a talent for catching frisbees. All proceeds go to Lifeline Animal Project. Adopt a dog today. Their goal is to #emptythecages by National Dog Day, August 26th! Share and Enjoy! Jennifer Jones Mitchell wrote the lyrics. Click on the picture below to check out the video!


“Lake Avondale” Performances in Italy

Duende, an Italian guitar/piano duo featuring Donato D’Antonio (guitar) and Matteo Ramon Arevalos (piano) will perform “Lake Avondale” by Dr. David Mitchell on their tour of Italy and the US, which begins Friday, May 24th in Modeno, Italy.

Click here to view the program and details.

I will be able to share video and audio of performances in the coming weeks. Very exciting!!

Lake Avondale is available for purchase at Amazon.com.

“Angularities” Published by Dorn

“Angularities” has been published by Dorn Publications. It’s now available on Amazon. Click on the image below:

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.41.36 PM

“Angularities”, written for Dr. Tammy Evans Yonce, explores rhythmic, harmonic and melodic angularities for glissando headjoint flute. Harmonically, this piece uses octatonic, chromatic, minor pentatonic and minor pitch collections moving between pitch centricities with rapid, angular trajectories. Angular leaps in the melody are contrasted by smooth, scalar passages leading to a mournful middle section in D minor. Rhythmic angularities are bound together through syncopated rhythmic motives creating a sense of continuity and forward momentum. In short, this piece dances through pitch centers, slides through emotional twists and leaves the listener tapping their toes.

Demo Reel For Commercial Gigs

Thought I’d share my demo reel, which I use for commercial gigs. It features work I did for The Coca-Cola Company, Hilton Hotels and a video game score for Cogent Education. There’s also a pop tune at the end for good measure. Enjoy!

If you’d like Dr. Mitchell to score your next commercial project, contact him at davidmitchellcomposer@gmail.com

CD Release!

Tammy Evans Yonce will release her debut album soon. Dr. Yonce is a flutist and professor of music at South Dakota State University.

One of the tracks on Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice is my original composition, “Angularities”, for solo glissando-headjoint flute. I wrote this piece specifically for Dr. Yonce, and I’m honored that she has included on this CD. Looking forward to the release. You can preordered below.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 3.36.07 PM

Preorder her debut album here: https://tammyevansyonce.bandcamp.com/album/dreams-grow-like-slow-ice